5 Sep 2008

Introduce myself

Submitted by blizzz

Hello Planet!

It was 27th August when I was approved Kubuntu Member (Yay!) and thus became allowed to join the Ubuntu Planet :) Let me introduce myself (in short first, who wants to read more takes the following longer version):

I am...

  • 23 years old
  • a student of business information systems
  • a linux and kubuntu user since 2005
  • a kubuntu-de.org-member since 2006 (doing support, promotion, editorial stuff, treasuring, moderation)
  • learning python with PyQt4 and PyKDE
  • gonna help with Leonov
  • having a Wiki-page with more details

So, here's the long version:

I am a 23 year old student (Business Information Systems), living in Heidenheim, Germany. My first contact to Linux was in 2005, when i installed SuSE 9.0 (or .1? or .3? or so?) on my IBM Thinkpad T22. A month later, due to unresolved problems i switched to Kubuntu, which i knew was used at the youth organisation of my place where i did civilian service. That worked right from the start and with some help at kubuntu-de.org (kubuntu.de in former times) i claimed the first high obstacles. Since, I am a fan of Kubuntu.

I became active in the forum of kubuntu-de.org, until i was asked wether i wanted to do more. I joined the IRC network and became moderator in the forum and member in general. Since, i started helping in editorial stuff (writing, translating, checking and publishing), promote kubuntu at fairs and conferences at our booth, together with neversfelde started the donation account and since august became community carer (this means helping new people to join our community, managing problems in the community, etc).

In my spare time (after gf and community work) i find time to read (esp. Stephen King) and code (learning Python, this will be part of kubuntu work in some time i hope). I'd play soccer, as i used, but currently it does not fit in my schedule, but this will change in future again, i hope. What I am doing all the time is listening to music (The Offspring ftw!).

Okay, now you know something about me. If there is a question or two (or more) feel free to ask :)

Arthur aka Blizzz


Welcome aboard mate! :-)

..when i set up, there was no i18n support for drupal 6 yet and initially the audience was german. I have to find some time to bring it up to date, so fare it has to work somehow ;)

Thanks :)

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